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It all started years ago with posole… For those who may not know, posole is a traditional Northern New Mexico stew basically consisting of pork, hominy, and the hottest red chile the cook can get their hands on. Not being a native, my palate couldn’t yet handle the traditional heat levels. So when making posole, I would start with milder, more flavorful green chile. Over the years, herbs, spices, and different varieties of peppers were experimentally included to add more flavors. Before long, even native Norteños were complimenting the dish.  Fast forward several years to when a group of friends decided to have a hot sauce competition among themselves. Drawing on years of posole experiments, a sauce was concocted using several different varieties of peppers, bold spices, and savory herbs. The result was an instant hit. Although not being the hottest sauce made, what would later become Rojo, or “red” in colloquial Spanish, won rave reviews as being flavor-forward rather than being blisteringly hot. Compliments of its “smooth heat”, “You should try to sell this”, “You wrote down the recipe, right?” were also made.  And the rest, they say, is history.




All of our sauces are made from the highest quality ingredients we can obtain. We focus on delivering healthy products that elevate and enhance your food, not overwhelm it. Despite our name, our sauces are not nuclear-hot like the Atomic City moniker might suggest (It’s only where we’re from). Indeed, our unique sauces are a balance of spicy peppers with strong, bold herbs and spices to create a fruity, smoky sweetness, described as a ‘smooth’ heat, which not only can be used in Mexican and New Mexican dishes, but also Cajun as well as Asian, African and Southern Mediterranean. Our goal is to create a unique, enjoyable culinary experience.



"A" Concourse
Albuquerque Sunport

Earth Spirit
Albuquerque Sunport

Los Alamos Co-op Market
95 Entrada Dr
Los Alamos, NM

The Chile Shop
109 E Water St. 
Santa Fe, NM

The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History
601 Eubank SE 
Albuquerque, NM


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